Liquid Gold Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Liquid Gold: Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Mmmm. Liquid Gold!

I’ve been making this recipe for four years and have always meant to blog about it! I’ve served this to guests; talked about it to friends; and some of you have seen me come to work with a glass of this in my hand. Well, today is the day I’m finally sharing the recipe for what I call “Liquid Gold,” otherwise known as cold brew iced coffee.

Why should you cold brew your coffee? Well, brewing hot coffee and pouring it over ice doesn’t taste great. It’s bitter and acidic. It can’t be enjoyed immediately unless you like watered down coffee full of melted ice. YUCK! Cold brew coffee is very smooth, silky, slightly sweet and non-acidic. That’s why I call it Liquid Gold.

After many adjustments of water-to-coffee ratios and several different messy methods of cold brewing my coffee, I think I’ve finally perfected my liquid gold just the way I like it. I have used mason jars, plastic pitchers, large plastic food grade containers from Cash & Carry, but I think the Takeya pitchers are the best. I hope you enjoy this coffee – it’s my Spring and Summertime staple!

Liquid Gold

Yields: 54 ounces or six 9 oz. servings

1/4 lb (114 g) freshly ground coffee
54 oz. cold water

sweetener of your choice

Equipment I use:
digital kitchen scale
Takeya 2 Qt. pitcher (I bought a 2-pack from Costco years ago)
Takeya 2 Qt. tea infuser
This set looks like it has both items in one!


I prefer to use a kitchen scale for accuracy, so I place the infuser insert directly on the food scale and spoon the freshly ground coffee into the infuser until the scale shows 114 grams.

Next, remove the filter from the scale and place it in the pitcher. If using sweetener, add it now. I like to spoon one heaping teaspoon of stevia onto the ground coffee.

Slowly pour the cold water into the filter so it flows through the ground coffee beans.

Attach the lid and place in the refrigerator, undisturbed for 12-13 hours. I usually set an alarm on my phone for 13 hours later and call it – you guessed it – “Liquid Gold.”

After cold brewing, remove the pitcher from the refrigerator and unscrew the lid. Slowly pull the infuser out of the container and dump the coffee grinds into the trash or compost.

You now have LIQUID GOLD!! Enjoy the cold brew coffee over ice, alone, or add your favorite creamer and/or flavored syrups. It’s concentrated, so I like to cut it with coconut almondmilk. I pour 9 ounces of Liquid Gold over ice and add 5 ounces of Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almondmilk. I don’t add syrup – just a straw!

Here are some photos to show you the process. This is what it looks like when I get started making my cold brew iced coffee.

Making cold brew coffee

I slowly pour water in, 10-14 oz. at a time.

Pouring water over the ground coffee

There’s a spot in my fridge door reserved for my iced coffee and its companion!

Refrigerate your cold brew coffee

13 hours later, I remove the filter and I have LIQUID GOLD, BABY!

Removing the filter

These two are BFFs:

My favorite creamer is Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almondmilk

3 steps to perfect iced coffee: fill a 24 oz. mason jar with lots of ice; pour 9 oz. of Liquid Gold over it; add 5 oz. of coconut almond milk creamer. ENJOY!

Three steps to perfect iced coffee!

Thanks for reading my blog! Please let me know how you like the recipe, and how you prefer to flavor your iced coffee. 🙂

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